678-Ebay msto1004 Switzerland Swiss fake number license plates

In December 2017 Ebay seller msto1004 from Bellevue in Germany was trying to sell this pair of Swiss plates. He says they are used but for what I have no idea as they are complete fakes.

They look good but the registration is completely wrong.

Switzerland does not allow personalized (vanity) plates. Just for Souvenir the are Made on Request ! Ask me if you like such a Swiss or Lichtenstein Vanity !!!

These are just out and out fakes.

If you are not completely familiar with the plate you are bidding on or trading for and they look so unused like these ones, just do not even think about buying it or trading for it. It is most likely you will end up with a piece of scrap aluminium not a plate to be proud of having in your collection.