627-Ebay pinkocelot Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan sample number license plates

In July 2017 Ebay seller pinkocelot from Poughkeepsie, New York, USA was trying to sell these Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan plates.

He/she says they are used and 100% genuine. No, not true.

The Kyrgyz plate is direct from the factory in Germany and has never been on a car or anywhere near Kyrgyzstan. It is however correct in every way so it is OK I guess.
The Uzbek plate is a rejected test design and there are many 21 A 0395 test designs around with most of them being different in some way. Again direct from the factory in Germany and in fact the Germans never got the contract to supply this series of plates anyway. The genuine ones are very different. So this one is 100% NOT OK.

Any plate from any country with a name that ends in ’stan must be checked against the hundreds of photos available on the internet as there are so many early 1990s samples and test designs around from that period.