615-Ebay jbeerd Sharjah fake replica number license plates

n June 2017 Ebay seller jbeerd from Moscow in Russia was trying to sell these replica Sharjah license plates.

At first sight, these plates look like the current series Sharjah plates but when you look carefully, the dies for the numerals are not quite right and the small writing on the plates have been pressed incorrectly. He very nicely shows the rear of the plate and the letters should never be joined up on the dies.
Any Sharjah plate you are offered or is for sale is most likely a fake and you must ask to see the back of the plate to check the pressing and whether it looks used.

The big problem is going to come later when some of these plates get into the market. From a photo during a sale or trade it could be difficult to tell if the plate or plates are genuine or not.

This just makes everything difficult for everyone. Reproductions are very bad for the hobby and if you care about the future of the hobby, it is better you do not buy reproductions, especially poor quality ones like this seller makes.