614-Ebay marisaland ismaa3 France president St. Barthelemy Mayotte fake number license plates

In June 2017 Ebay seller marisaland (aka ismaa3) from El Soto and La Fresneda in Spain was selling these replica plates. 

He does not say they are replicas and claims they are used. This is complete rubbish.

One is supposed to be a plate from the car of president Sarkozy, one is supposed to be a St. Barthelemy police plate and one is supposed to be from Mayotte.

It is strange that all three plates, some of which should be up to 8 years old, all look brand new almost no scratches and all have holes made the same way. There is no such thing as a special police plate on St. Barthelemy and the photo of the genuine 66A plate can be found on the Francoplaque website. It is not a police plate and is very, very different: http://plaque.free.fr/ca/f_stbart/a1_PASS_2008/St-Barth_2008_66_SFPI.jpg

These are replica plates he has had made recently and that he is now trying to make money out of by claiming they are used plates when they are not.

If he wants to sell replicas, no problem, but he has to be honest and say they are replicas.