612-Ebay pinkocelot Sao Tome and Principe fake number license plate probably

In May 2017 Ebay seller pinkocelot from Poughkeepsie, New York, USA was trying to sell this STP (Sao Tome and Principe) plate.

This plate is unused, made on a piece of flat heavy aluminium, the bolts holes have never been used, someone has made the front of the plate look like the screws or bolts were attached to something and the registration would be very old if it is genuine.

This does not look like one of J. D. Applegate’s fakes but it does look like it was probably made by worldplatesuk (agaplatesuk) in Redditch, England. The over thin paint, the numeral 3 and the crude painting are all very similar to the plates that he makes from old bit of steel or aluminium.

I cannot say 100% certainly that this is a fake but it has all the signs that it is one.