605-Ebay mjb2337 Dubai sample fake replica number license plate

In May 2017 Ebay seller mjb2337 from New Jersey in the U.S.A was selling this very bad reproduction/replica Dubai Burj Al Arab sample plate (top). He has many, many copies of each plate and there are three more photos of his other joke plates on here (do a search on here for mjb2337). He is selling them as novelties/replicas/reproductions but I don’t think most buyers realize just how badly made they are.

In April 2017 the original German sample plate was sold on Ebay and he obviously used that Ebay photo and then had it printed on a thin flat aluminium blank. 

On most of his replicas the slots are overlapping something printed or the holes or other slots of the genuine plate. It makes them look terrible and he has a very poor 90% rating on Ebay just now.

A seller to be avoided at all costs.

You would be better having pictures of plates in your collection than any of these pieces of rubbish.