585-Ebay pudycat Virginia 1912 replica fake number license plate

In March 2017 Ebay seller pudycat from Grand Blanc in Michigan, USA was trying to sell this reproduction 1912 Virginia plate. He say it is used. It is not, it is a reproduction.

For a plate that is supposed to be 105 years old, it is way too shiny and new looking, has obviously never been used, is a much higher quality of enamelling than was possible in 1912, the green colour seems to be too dark and most importantly, it does not have the stamp from the Baltimore Enamel & Novelty Company that made it on the back. All early Virginia enamelled (porcelain) plates have a company mark on the back. He is selling it at about 10% of what is its value if it were original so I suspect he knows it is a reproduction.

For old porcelain (enamelled) plates look at www.porcelainplates.net/the_archive.html.to see what a real plate looks like. Check very carefully as there are many reproduction plates around these days.