577-Ebay jbeerd Trump inauguration fake replica number license plate

In February 2017 Ebay seller jbeerd from Moscow in Russia was selling reproduction Trump inauguration plates.

He has already sold one for 100USD and the buyer must be very desperate or sad because you can buy a pair (not one) from MVLS (who made the 24 pairs of genuine ones) for only 60USD. They have higher numbers than the one here but at least they are accurate.

The plates made by jbeerd have many things wrong with them. The number should be printed not embossed, the die used for the number is wrong, the expiry date is in the wrong place and the picture is printed wrong. Also, he has managed (on purpose no doubt) to forget to print the „copyright MVLS 2017“ and so that makes these plates very illegal.

Buying such poor quality reproduction plates like these means you will end up with very overpriced scrap aluminium in your collection.

Any Trump inauguration plate that come up for sale or trade must now or in the future be treated as a fake. I have photos of the genuine ones and the correct souvenir ones so ask me if you see such a plate for sale or trade,