571-Ebay cambomax Cambodia fake replica number license plates

n January 2017 Ebay seller cambomax from Runding in Germany was selling these fake Cambodia plates.

He is advertising them as new and from a sign shop in Cambodia. It seems he has a great number of them.

Some are from the previous series but most are from the current series. Most are motorcycle plates. They are all made with stick-on letters and numbers on flat plates but genuine officially issued ones are pressed on most of the classes he has and none of these has a date or official seal stamped into them. It is not known how genuine the ‚press‘ plates are but all of them are just replicas or made-to-order specials and none are genuine at all.

Cambodia now has to be added to the list of countries where you have to check very, very carefully as these replicas/fakes/made-to-order specials may turn up being sold or traded as genuine plates by some of the crooks on Ebay.

If you care about the hobby of collecting plates, it will be so much better for everyone in the future if you do not buy any replicas from anyone as they will just mess everything up in the future.