570-Ebay pampilhosa1 Denmark fake replica number license plate

n January 2017 Ebay seller pampilhosa1 from Wiesbaden in Germany was selling this fake Denmark plate.

It is one of a pair that came from license_plates_shop_com and were originally sold as replicas. pampilhosa1 is now trying to dump the second plate and claims it is used. However he must know it is a bad replica, has never been used and is therefore trying to cheat people. Not good at all.

Be very careful of any Danish plate. This one has the correct dies but the blue band is wrong and the holographic strip is missing. If you do not know anything about Danish plates, it looks good but it is just another rubbish replica.

Buying poor quality reproduction plates like these means you will end up with overpriced scrap aluminium in your collection.