561-Ebay toysandcoins0504 Bangladesh fake replica number license plate

n January 2017 Ebay seller toysandcoins0504 from Suwanee, Georgia, USA had this made-to-order special Bangladesh 1970s plate. I am sure he has no idea what it is as he seems to be a dealer in all sorts of stuff.
He is selling it as used and original and it is neither. It is one of a batch of made-to-order special Bangladesh plates that were made in Bangalore, India and have never been near Bandladesh. He even shows the rear of the plate with the maker’s sticker on.
The number is probably supposed to be GHA-1108 but these are all written in a manner completely unlike the equivalents on real Bangladesh plates. You can even see the marks on the plate where the man marked it off for painting or these may actually be stick on letters and numbers. 1970s Bangladesh plates were invariably painted steel and not proper aluminium blanks.