560-Ebay bestplates Abu Dhabi fake replica number license plate

In December 2016 Ebay seller bestplates from Albequerque, New Mexico, USA was trying to sell this fake Abu Dhabi plate. He does not say whether it is new or used but describes it as 100% genuine expired.
He is an ALPCA member (#1517) and he should know better than to try to suggest this is a genuine plate in such an underhand way. He should just be honest and say it is a poor quality replica on completely the wrong base worth about 5USD maybe as a novelty item rather than give it a starting bid of 50USD. What a rip off.

Genuine Abu Dhabi plates have a very different base than this American base with slots.

I hope no-one thinks this is even a good replica of the genuine plates/registration that sold at auction in 2008 for approximately 15 million USD.

The buyer of the genuine plates has way more money than he knows what to do with and bestplates is just a very greedy crook.