553-Ebay suspartstech 123 autovice topsolutionspeedshop Japan fake replica number license plates

In December 2016 Ebay seller suspartstech_123 (who is also autovice on ebay.ie) from San Juan, Puerto Rico was selling these very bad reproduction/replica plates from Japan. There are many copies of each plate. He is selling them as replicas/reproductions but I don’t think most buyers realize just how badly made they are. He says he supplies random numbers.
Although the plates look fairly good at first sight nearly all of them have impossible registrations. Japan has a very complicated system of the number at the top as well as the colour of the plate indicating the vehicle type. Nearly all of these ones have the wrong colours.

These identical plates are also sold by several other people (jdmhonda in Dublin Ireland, JapStyle.org in Wicklow Ireland and Edz-link Car Accessories Baguio City Philippines for example, all on other websites) as well as Ebay topsolutionspeedshop from Cidra, Puerto Rico and all are selling them fairly cheaply. These plates are all made in China and can be found in these and many more colours on www.riwong.com.

Genuine Japanese plates are easy to get on Ebay from sellers in Thailand and although they cost more, at least you will get the real thing rather than these that are completely wrong.

You have to be very, very careful of any Japanese plate that comes up for trade or on Ebay from now on as there are several people and companies making reproductions of Japanese plates and most of them are completely wrong.
Never buy or trade for a Japanese plate with the vehicle type 500 and this prefix letter („sa“).