54b-Ebay kurabaya1 replicas 3

This is the June 2011 batch of plates that Ebayer Kurabaya1 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has created. Most of these are more like fakes than copies and all are very wrong. They are made from vinyl stickers on flat metal but all the real plates are pressed. Most are the wrong size (being 6” x 12” US size rather than the different foreign sizes) and some are very poor copies. Some have been copied from photos on people’s website and some from Flickr photographs. The Lebanon 2006 is actually a copy of a fake plate and the number is completely wrong.
These are poor quality copies or fakes and it is just a way of making money by getting collectors to part with their hard earned cash. He does have in very, very small letters on his auctions that they are reproductions but he does not say they are poor quality reproductions and the writing is so small that it is obviously designed so that people will not see it.