549-Ebay die schilder profis Japan replica fake number license plates

In December 2016 Ebay seller die_schilder_profis from Niederaichbach in Germany (a company K.A.A.D that makes novelty plates) was selling replica Japanese plates. They are selling them as replicas (which is good) and they have many copies of each one.

These plates have many things wrong with them and are not very realistic. Look at the excellent website http://www.licenseplatemania.com/landenframes/japan_fr.htm to see what genuine Japanese plates do look like.

These poor quality replicas have the pre-made holes missing, the colours are wrong, the prefix letters are wrong, the vehicle type numbers are wrong, the font is wrong, the spacing is wrong and some of the registrations are wrong.

If you are not familiar with Japanese plates be very careful from now on with any that come up for sale as who know what crooks on Ebay will try to distress them and pass them off as genuine rare plates to make a quick and crooked profit.