544-Ebay screenatee USA America Dominican Republic fake replica number license plates

Since November 2016 Ebay seller screenatee from Mocksville, North Carolina in the U.S.A has been selling very bad reproduction/replica plates from various American states mostly. There are many copies of each plate. He is selling them as replicas/reproductions but I don’t think most buyers realize just how badly made they are.
The list includes: 1928 Massachusetts, 1932 South Carolina, 1935 British Columbia, 1955 Florida, 1955 U.S. Forces in Germany, 1959 Yukon, 1966 Alaska, 1968 Maine, 1970s California personalized, 1979 North West Territories, 1981 Dominican Republic and 2017 DC Inaugural although this last one seems to be taken from a 1933 plate photo and the design was not used by Trump.

They have taken the photos of genuine plates from the internet and then had them printed on flat aluminium plates. One of them was a photo of a plate on a vehicle and you can see the screws showing on the print, all the 1955 and earlier genuine plates are bigger than the 12in x 6in blanks that they have used so the bolt slots are in very strange places and of the wrong shape anyway and the NWT bear is not even on a bear shaped blank. It makes them all look terrible and you would be better having pictures of plates in your collection than any of these pieces of rubbish.