539-Ebay thedriversseatfl Italy France Germany fake replica number license plates

Since at least early 2015 Ebay seller thedriversseatfl from West Palm Beach in Florida, USA was trying to sell these so-called Italian, French and German replica plates. He is selling them as replicas (which is good) but none of them are even close to the real plates.

The blanks are wrong, the fonts are wrong and the layout of the registrations are wrong.

He claims that „The plate blanks are genuine European issue plates! A computer automatically generates a European style plate that exactly replicates a genuine Italian (etc) Government-sanctioned license plate with letters, numbers and characters assigned at random.“

…exactly replicates… – no, not even close
The plate blanks are genuine European issue plates – no they are not

These really are some of the worst copies/fakes/replicas/reproductions on Ebay and the genuine plates are so easy to get that I do not understand why anyone would want this rubbish.