533-Ebay miesbacherhof Oman government minister fake sample number license plate

In November 2016 Ebay seller miesbacherhof from Lehner in Germany was selling another test design plate. This is not a genuine plate and is a rejected test design.

This Oman government minister plate is one of several plates all with the same number 45 that have various different designs of embossed box where the national emblems are printed. This design was not chosen and it is not a genuine plate from Oman. The plate is from the scrap pile of the German plate factory. It has never yet left Germany.

The seller says it is an Oman minister plate from the German Embassy. It has nothing to do with any German Embassy anywhere in the world. It is just a rejected test design.

A pretty plate and interesting but it only deserves a place in your collection if you want rejected test designs rather than genuine plates.