53-Ebay europeanplatesgroup replicas

Now for several photos of replica plates. These are all copied from genuine plates and some are good copies with only a few differences and some are nothing like real thing.
This photo is of replicas, sold in 2010, by Ebayer europeanplatesgroup, a company in Seattle Washington, USA. They sell them as replicas for fun, collectors of cars and for show cars, which is fine, but sooner or later, someone else will claim they are the real thing. These have all been made on a standard German machine using German bases I think. Some have the wrong dies and they make many other countries’ plates so some will be the wrong size (non-European plates are a little bigger than European ones).
There is another company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA (licenseplates.tv) that also has a German machine and makes many different countries plates.
Fortunately for most of the world, both these companies’ products are a little expensive so that should put off many dodgy Ebay dealers from buying these and trying to resell them as real plates.