526-Brazil 1969 series souvenir fake number license plates

In October 2016 Ebay seller bmw10_de from St. Wendel in Germany was selling two supposedly 1969 series Brazil Rio plates, bottom right in photo. They may look like genuine plates but they are not.

In Rio de Janeiro it is very easy to buy souvenir plates and nowadays they have numbers like RIO 2016 in a whole variety of colours.
Before about 1980, the standard Rio souvenir plate looked like a genuine one, was usually yellow and had a number like AA 12345. All of these on this picture are souvenir plates. Some are the date someone visited Rio, some have the person’s initials and/or DoB, one has the registration of the tourist’s car back home and some are just a plate maker’s fantasy registration.

Genuine Brazil plates from the 1969 series only ever had 2 letters and 4 numerals. Never 5 numerals.

This is what is so very, very wrong with fakes, samples, replicas, souvenirs like this and made-to-order specials. 20 years from now no-one will remember what is genuine and what is real! People will be buying crap all the time.
If you want to buy replicas and don’t care if your collection is full of unused plates that you have no idea whether they have even been in the country they are supposed to come from, it is time you stopped collecting plates and maybe tried stamps or anything else instead. Postcards are nice also.