516-Ebay agaplatesuk doctored Greece number license plates

In October 2016 Ebay seller agaplatesuk from Redditch in England had this bottom pair of Greek plates for sale. He was previously worldplatesuk and foushekas.

These plates were sold earlier in October by a German Ebay seller for 17 USD in the condition shown in the top photo. They were rather poor quality being old and heavily used with missing paint and having had the seals heavily defaced by the German authorities when they were taken off the car.

They are now for sale for 60USD having been ‚touched up‘ and an attempt made at recreating the damaged seals. The photo does not show well that the seals were badly damaged by the machine that voids them.

Agaplatesuk says the „SEALS LOOK LIKE THEYVE BEEN TOUCHED UP“. Well, yes, he should know as he did it.

If you buy these plates you will be very disappointed in the poor quality for such a high price. This UK seller is not a collector, just a ‚dodgy dealer‘.