501-Ebay 515george Greece fake taxi number license plate

In September 2016 Ebay seller 515george from Athens in Greece was selling this plate that is supposed to be from a Greek taxi.

He says this plate (bottom in the picture) is used and has a genuine technical inspection seal. Lower down in the description he says it is not an official plate and the other seal is not official. It certainly is not as it is a piece of paper stuck on the plate that he printed.
The inspection sticker does not belong with the plate and the font is completely wrong amongst many other problems it has.

He has been selling fake Greek plates for a long time now, see photo 263 on page 30, and the top plate in the photo is how he was trying to sell the same plate a year or more ago,

If he wants to sell poor quality reproductions, he should say so very clearly and not try to fool collectors by claiming they are used. Better not to buy anything at all from this seller as so very many of his plates are not what he describes them as.