497-Ebay marisaland ismaa3 St Helena UK GB diplomatic Gibraltar fake replica number license plates

In September 2016 Ebay seller marisaland (aka ismaa3) from El Soto and La Fresneda in Spain was selling these St. Helena, Gibraltar and UK (GB) diplomatic plates.

He says all of them are used and all of them were made in Spain. I am sure they were made in Spain but they have never been used.
The diplomatic plate is still on the official car in London with the Japan embassy. All his Perspex (Plexiglass) plates are made the same way, have the same unused holes and when compared together are so obviously fakes.
The Gibraltar governor plate is still on the official car in Gibraltar.

My contact in St Helena says the company Universal Landrover Ltd does not exist (see also plate 728 a few photos back), plate designs like this do not exist on St Helena and he believes SHG 101 is not actually a police landrover.

If he wants to sell reproductions, he should say so and not try to fool collectors by claiming they are genuine. Better not to buy anything at all from this seller as so very many of his plates are not what he describes them as.