482-Ebay life-after-work eddspl8s Greece Belgium Germany reproduction fake number license plates

In July 2016 Ebay seller life-after-work2 (aka life-after-work & eddspl8s) from Maryland in the USA was trying to sell these Belgium, Germany and Greece reproduction plates. He has at least 2 of each one and 4 of the supposedly Greek ones.

He is selling these as used reproductions. Used they are not and reproductions, yes very poor quality ones.
The Belgian plates just cannot exist as, if the registration was genuine, there would not be two owner provided plates as one would be officially issued with the seal on it.
The Greek plates are nothing like any Greek plate ever used.
The German plates are a mixture of registrations with district codes that do not exist and one sign for a parking place.

Be very careful what you buy and don’t buy mint plates or you will end up with expensive scrap aluminium in your collection. 
This is an ALPCA member who knows little or nothing of non-USA plates and is trying to fool collectors and make a quick profit.

Genuine German plates are cheap and easy to get so why pay high prices for rubbish?