474-Ebay teuresblech Kazakhstan Russia Turkmenistan Egypt Iran test fake number license plates

In June and July 2016 teuresblech from Frankfurt in Germany was trying to sell these plates.

He says they are mint, direct from the factory in Germany as surplus stock and otherwise the same as the genuine plates „sample but authentic“ from these countries or some of them he says were specially made in Moscow.

This is wrong. Every one of them has a problem…..
The Egypt plates have the wrong type of registrations on them
The Iran plates are on the wrong blanks and the police plate is made wrongly.
The Kazakhstan plate has a registration that will maybe be issued in 2020 and the wrong dies
The Russia plate has the flag wrong
The Turmenistan has the wrong dies

These are all rejected test designs or some of them were made by a company in Moscow who are known to make poor quality reproduction plates.

Do not buy mint plates like these or you will end up with rubbish.