465-Ebay 2695frank doctored fake US cold war mission German number license plate

In June 2016 Ebay seller 2695frank from Dusseldorf in Germany was selling this USMLM (US Mission in Germany during the cold war) plate.

This was made by le_petit_lutin_vert a few years ago and is a replica (see lower plate). It has now been doctored with distressed holes and is being sold as a genuine used plate. This makes it a fake plate.
One way to spot a le_petit_lutin_vert fake cold war mission plate is because he used the wrong digit 2 sticker on all his many fakes.

This is a trick designed to part collectors from their money by making scrap look like a genuine plate. There are many more fake cold war mission plates in collections than genuine ones. Genuine ones are very VERY VERY VERY rare.