432-Ebay bmw7777777 Abkhazia South Ossetia sample reproduction number license plates probably

In January 2016 Ebay seller bmw7777777 from Surgut, Tyumen region, Russia was trying to sell these Abkhazia and South Ossetia plates.
All three look mint and unused and there is a good chance that these are all samples or reproductions.

Abkhazia A008AA should be part of the presidential fleet. Only the president’s official vehicles have this type of flag with no ABH above it on vehicles A001AA, O001OO and P001PP. A009AA and A010AA have both been photographed and have normal flag with ABH above plates.

South Ossetia 012 OOO should be a government administration vehicle and should have a black vertical divider at the right of the flag. 1001 MO should be a military plate and should have a slightly different flag with a border around it.

Mint plates like these should always be treated with great caution.