40-French made fakes

These are all French made plates. All are made to order specials made in mainland France for selling/trading with collectors and none have been near the country they are supposed to come from or actually on a vehicle.
In France you can buy plates from a plate shop and these older silver on black plates can still be made to order.
The mint plates on the left are supposed to be from the French territory of the Kerguelen Islands in the South Indian Ocean close to Antarctica where there are only a few scientists. For photos of the few real Kerguelen plates, see http://plaque.free.fr/trans/kerguelen
The top 3 on the right are supposed to be various ex French African countries‘ military plates (Niger, Upper Voltaire and Mali), the next 3 are the very latest style of French normal series plate. The one with DT should become a real number in about 2013 when they reach serial letters DT, the one with JM in about 2020 and the third one is the very first they issued in the new series and is still on a car in Paris. The last one is another of the supposedly Upper Voltaire military plates.