396-Ebay busi edu toys fake sample Armenia Abu Dhabi number license plates

In June 2015 Ebay seller busi_edu_toys from NSW in Australia was selling these Abu Dhabi and Armenia plates.

Unfortunately both plates are not very realistic reproductions or fakes.
Both plates have the wrong design with the wrong font.

Why buy such mint looking plates if you don’t know what a genuine plate should be. 

Also included is a fake Kazakhstan plate from the same seller that was sold earlier in 2015 but has not been included here before. This plate is clearly a fake as it has a sticker for the flag and KZ, which is something genuine plates never have. On genuine plates the flag is printed on the plate and the KZ is embossed.

In July 2015 he offered this Turkmenistan plate that is either a rejected test design or a poorly made replica. The flag, the TM and the spacing of the registration are all wrong.

In August 2015 he offered the Iraqi commercial plate but it is also a manufacturer’s sample and of completely the wrong design.

In September 2015 he offered the Dubai plate. This is a replica made by a company in Florida and has the wrong dies that they always use. The registration is one of their standard ones also.