395-fake mexico number license plates

There are many Mexican plates available on Ebay and I believe 99% at least are genuine. However there are some sellers who get hold of samples, test designs or fakes and try to sell them as genuine.

I am told that the top plate in this photo was sold on Ebay early in 2015. It is not a genuine plate!

The easy way to spot a fake plate from Mexico is that it does not have the seal in the top right corner. Check the 2 plates; top – mint with hole & fake, bottom – used with seal & genuine.
Also, fake plates do not have the registration printed on them somewhere. In the photo, the bottom plate has it just below the bar code but it can be in other places if it is a different state.

I do not know whether the fake one is a sample, test design or an outright fake.

Do your homework! Always make sure you check what you are buying and do not buy mint plates or you will end up with rubbish in your collection.