392-Ebay agaplatesuk fake Falklands Jersey Guernsey Isle of Man motorcycle number license plates probably

In June 2015 English Ebayer agaplatesuk had these plates for sale. He was previously worldplatesuk and foushekas.
They are a strange batch of black on white motorcycle plates from the Falkland Isles, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man plus a couple of supposedly Jersey hire care plates. There are also two rear yellow motorcycle plates. All of them look like they were made very recently in a garage or shed by the same person using old stick-on letters.
White front motorcycle plates just do not exist in any of these places and it looks like he had to repaint some of the very amateurish white on black front motorcycle plates he made before and decided to use black on white.

Very suspicious plates from a well known seller of fake and home-made plates and you should think long and hard about buying any of these.