383-Ebay issmaa3 fake France number license plate

Since June 2015 Ebay seller ismaa3 from El Campillo in Spain has been trying to sell these fake French plates that he bought from quebec.plates in Canada who has been selling a great many fake French plates.

The problem with these plates is that Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (975) do not use this format of registration. SPM plates are in the format nnnn SPM or SPM nnn x. This plate has a fake registration that has never existed.
The other plates are fake because quebic.plates was selling many copies of each of the registrations and each registration had several different department code numbers on various batches of plates.

The Francoplaque web site has all the details of what current French plates are supposed to look like, what registrations were issued and when and what the overseas departments‘ plates have on them. Check that website and others when buying plates you are not 100% familiar with.

Why buy these overpriced fake French plates that have never been used, are completely wrong and are illegal when genuine used plates are available fairly easily and usually very cheaply on ebay.fr

Do not buy mint plates or you will end up with rubbish in your collection.