37-Ebay lerosier1945 (stanwa) India copies

We now have 4 batches of Indian type plates from Bhutan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Seychelles and India. All these countries have owner provided plates but all four of these batches look like they have been made by the same machines and that style is incredibly rare. There may be some in this photo that do not come from the same batches but I am including them here as all these plates are mint so they can best be described as made-to-order specials to part collectors from their money. I guess these were all made in India somewhere.
These are a mixture of private, commercial, motorbike, military, temporary, dealer, India, Andaman, Laccadive Islands and a Sikkim plate.
Indian plates have a complicated system whereby the letter(s) in the middle of the registration and the plate colour indicate the vehicle class. Many of these have the wrong letter(s) for the plate colour/vehicle class and the smaller registration centres will not reach some of the serial letters for many years yet. The military plates are wrong also in that they do not have their computer check letter, have the wrong numbers and/or have the wrong computer check letter. Dealer plates and temporary plates have never been seen before made of debossed or embossed metal – they are always printed paper or vinyl stuck on the vehicle.
I believe most of these originated from American Ebay plate dealer stanwa who is now lerosier1945.