356-Ebay police-ua911 Ukraine made-to-order specials sample number license plates

Since 2014 Ebay seller police-ua911 from Dnepropetrovsk (also known as lowiforcmentitems from Nikolaev) in Ukraine has been selling genuine used Ukrainian plates. In early 2015 he started selling current series private plates that looked mint and unused but he stated were used. In February 2015, he started selling mint yellow public transport plates and two line private plates from the 1995 series. These are all made-to-order specials and not genuine plates so we must assume that his mint current private plates and the mint police plates are made-to-order specials also. I am told he works for an after-market plate making company in Ukraine and that would explain how he gets so many made-to-order specials; I wonder if his boss knows?

The 2004 series public transport plates have serial letters that are much too high and the 1995 series private two line plates have region numbers that do not match the serial letters and could never have been used.
The police plates are just too good to be true, look mint and unused and it looks like he is trying to hide the fact that many have the same numerals on them by covering one of the numerals. Very strange and suspicious and another sign they are made-to-order specials worth very little money.
All the 2004 series private plates look correct and have possible registrations but with the other ones he is selling that are certainly not genuine it raises more than suspicions about these also.

Be very suspicious of mint plates. Often they are wrong with impossible registrations.