352-Ebay uzdecor-com musikman33 Tajikistan sample number license plates

Ebay seller uzdecor-com (aka musikman33) from the USA sells a lot of decorative Uzbek items and I believe everything comes directly from Uzbekistan.
Since the middle of 2014 he has been selling plates that came from Uzbekistan but he knows nothing about them really. One collector asked him and that was his reply. He then started claiming that all his plates were genuine ones until in December 2014 he admitted they were all samples.

These unused Tajikistan plates are not correct and there are various problems with the etched country name, the flag and they have the wrong font.

Whether they are samples or he had them made specially to part collectors from their money, I do not know but making them with all the same digits is very sad.

Mint genuine plates like these just do not exist from these sort of countries.

Just another dodgy dealer passing off scrap aluminium as the genuine article.