341-Ebay bid$$$$ Bangladesh fake sample number license plate

In December 2014 Ebay seller bid$$$$ from Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles was selling this supposedly current Bangladesh plate (top). Bangladesh plates have a complicated system of class letters, number prefixes and colours according to what sort of vehicle it is. This plate should be a white on black plate for the class letter it has.
In August 2015 he was trying to sell the bottom one. Again it should be a white on black plate for the class letter it has

I am sure these plates were made in Bangladesh for sale specially to collectors and it is probably true to say there are 10 times more Bangladesh made-to-order specials in collections than genuine used plates. A lot of these made-to-order specials have something wrong with them and could never have been used on a vehicle.

If you want a plate that looks pretty but is actually not a plate that could ever have been used in Bangladesh then bid for mint unused plates like these. If you want a genuine Bangladesh plate in your collection then never bid on mint plates from Bangladesh.