333-Ebay musikman33 uzdecor-com Turkmenistan sample number license plate

These plates have been for sale by musikman33 in Cibolo, Texas since November 2014. musikman33 is the same seller as uzdecor-com from Waxhaw, North Carolina who also lists them.
At first sight they look like Turkmenistan plates from Ashgabat however there are several things wrong with them; the holes are in slightly the wrong place, the font is slightly wrong and, the most obvious is that Ashgabat is only issuing Bx nnnn AG plates and will not reach the LT series until at least 2020. Vanity plates with letters of your choice are not available in Turkmenistan.

These are incorrect Chinese manufacturer’s samples and not genuine plates at all. It looks like they were hanging on the same wall somewhere like all the rest of uzdecor-com’s sample and test design plates.

Originally claiming that all his plates were genuine used ones, by late December 2014 he had admitted that they are all samples.