33-Ebay lerosier1945 (stanwa) India fakes

This is a big batch of various India, Indian controlled Jammu & Kashmir, Laccadive Islands and Andaman & Nicobar plates. They have been sold for many years now and more seem to become available quite often. I believe all of them were originally sold by American Ebay plate dealer stanwa who is now lerosier1945.
I am sure they were made in India but, even though Indian plates are owner provided and of many, many designs, this style of plate is never seen on the roads of India and would be stopped by the police if any were seen. This has been confirmed by members of an Indian car and plate forum.
There are considerable problems with many of these plates that are variously private, commercial and motorbike and are written in English, Tamil, Hindi or sometimes a mixture. All Indian plates have a complicated system whereby the letters in the middle of the registration are related to the various classes of vehicle and the plate colour. Many of these plates have the wrong letter(s) for the vehicle class. With the plates from Andaman and Laccadive, there are few vehicles actually registered and the serial letters on some of the plates will not be reached for many years to come.