327-Ebay 515george Greece moped plates faked to look like motorcycle plates

Ebay seller 515george from Greece was selling these plates in November 2014.
He was selling them as motorcycle plates but they are moped plates.

Just about the only plates you are allowed to use that you have had made in a sign shop are the moped plates that are nearly always owner provided. Motorcycle plates are always officially issued and with an embossed seal. These are two moped plates (the font is different also) that he had made in a sign shop and added bits to try make them look more correct and fool collectors. The seal is one of his usual paper stickers and motorcycle plates did not have technical inspection stickers on them. The other has a 2008 tax sticker on it that does not belong there as mopeds do not have this kind of tax sticker.
If you could take the stickers off them, they would be nice Greek moped made-to-order specials.

Yet more fake plates from this dealer trying to part collectors from their money by selling rubbish.