315-Ebay greatdeals8 Saudi Arabia replica

In September 2014 greatdeals8 from Athens, Georgia, USA was offering 3 or 4 of these replica plates.
They are supposed to be 1996 optional long private car Saudi Arabia plates. The wrapping that he has on the Ebay page shows that the plates were made by licenseplates.tv, an American company, and they normally retail for 200USD plus postage each.
greatdeals8 is a dealer in just about everything and he is in no way trying to fool anyone. The big problem is that some of the very crooked plate dealers on Ebay will buy them and try to sell them as genuine, used plates. Probably some of the better known crooks will try to distress them.
I am including them here so that there is a chance that next time a crook on Ebay tries to sell them, the buyer will realize they were replicas.