312-Ebay 515george Greece motorcycle fake

Ebay seller 515george from Athens, Greece has been trying to sell fake Greek plates that he had made in a sign shop in Athens for a couple of years.

YOT 55 is a genuine officially issued pre-euroband1983-2006 series mc plate with sticker. All mc plates were and are officially issued with an embossed seal on them. This plate was also sold by him and is one of the very few genuine Greek plates he sometimes has for sale.

YOH 983 was made in a sign shop, has the wrong font, has no official seal, is unused and he has added a real license sticker from who knows what. He claim the plate is „excellent new condition“.

A VERY dodgy seller of outright fakes. Be very careful of any plate he has for sale and check the online photo archives to be absolutely certain it is not one of his fakes.