304 Ebay agaplatesuk home-made fakes

Ebay seller agaplatesuk (ex worldplatesuk) from England has been trying to sell this group of motorcycle plates since the middle of 2014. 
They are from Ireland, the Falklands, Jersey, Gibraltar and Alderney.
The big surprise is that they have all been made in exactly the same way using identical stickers on each of them.
It looks exactly like the whole batch – and there may be more I don’t know – was made in his garage using old blank plates and stickers that he bought at autojumbles.

Although he does sell genuine plates, you must be very, very careful about what you buy from this seller. Some have even shown up being resold by other people, no doubt after they realize what junk they have bought.

In June 2015 mich60000000 from Wilnsdorf in Germany was trying to sell the front plate AY 28.