301-bmw-frames (eurotags, 2ma, go-ic) 2014 fakes and samples

Ebay seller eurotags (a.k.a. 2ma and go-ic) from Germany has been selling fake, sample, test design and made-to-order specials for many years. He is one of the largest sellers of such plates on Ebay.
He has now started selling these ‚wrong‘ plates under the name bmw-frames. He does have some genuine plates as well.

He advertises every plate he sells as genuine and used although he has a very large number of manufacturer test designs that were rejected designs and were never actually used. They came straight from the German factories to him, often many years ago and are mint and not genuine plates.

These are just a few of the fake, test design and sample plates he had for sale in May 2014. Sadly, it looks like some people may have been fooled into buying some of his plates if the sales are genuine.

In July 2014 he had the Moroccan official plates for sale. Two of them have numbers that are completely wrong and all were made especially for trying to part collectors from their money.