279-Ebay agaplatesuk verious fakes probably

These are all plates that are being sold in mid 2013 (and before) by English Ebayer worldplatesuk who has now changed his name to agaplatesuk.
There are Falkland islands, Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Kiribati, Alderney, Gibralter and a 1960s Kenyan trailer plate according to his descriptions
All have been made by hand and the drilled holes are not quite in the right place so that the letters and numbers are not aligned perfectly. When plates were made of these materials (a blank plate with plastic letters and numbers riveted through) a machine was used to drill the holes in exactly the right place. These all look like they have been made in a garden shed somewhere. Agaplatesuk is also a known seller of blank plates of exactly the same types as these and I believe he was selling the letters and numbers for attaching to plates a couple of years ago. He buys a lot of his stock from auto jumbles and car boot sales and I suspect he has ended up with blank plates and enough letters/numbers to make a few plates from some of the rarer jurisdictions.
None of these plates shows signs of use. I have seen photos the backs of some of these plates and the plates were obviously cleaned of paint (with a wire brush by the look of things) before the holes were drilled. The machine that would normally have been used years ago to close the plastic rivets on the back of the plate was not used and the rivets on this batch of plates are rather amateurishly closed.

I have also included a pair of German plates that he advertises as replacements. They are very strange as they also appear unused and have old Kazakhstan dies.

Very suspicious plates from a well known seller of doubtful plates and you should think long and hard about buying any of these.