273-Cuba current series fakes souvenirs

It is probably true to say that for every 20 current 2002 series plates that come up for sale on Ebay, only one is genuine at most. Souvenir plates are sold in shops very cheaply for the tourists all over the island. They are all hand made and some are made from sheet steel, some from wood but all are obviously not professionally made on real plate making machines. Current series Cuban plates are actually very professional looking, properly pressed and are made from aluminium with a security number etched onto them.
None of the plates in this photo are professional looking, properly pressed or made from aluminium.
The souvenirs in this photo have been sold by a lot of different Ebayers out to make a quick buck by selling ā€¦well rubbish really.

Be very, very careful of all current series Cuban plates on Ebay and check that they look like the real thing on the various plate websites. Ask to see a picture of the back of the plate if it looks close to the real thing. If it is mint, do not buy it.