264-Ebay na201 fake Cuba 2002 series plate

This is a plate that was for sale in January 2013 by na201 from Chonburi in Thailand. na201 sells a lot of fake and made-to-order special Thai plates and a few, genuine, plates from other countries. At first sight, this does look like a genuine Cuban plate and it is certainly of much better quality than the usual fake Cuban plates.
It is supposed to be a 2002 to 2006 joint venture company plate. There are however several small things wrong with it. This is mint, these plates usually had no vehicle class number at the bottom, it is the wrong colour, on the full size picture you can see that the individual letters do not line up properly and it is hand painted and on the back, you can see where someone has marked out each letter/numeral for ‘embossing’.

It is probably true to say that for every 10 Cuban plates that come up for sale on Ebay, 8 or 9 of them are fakes. Genuine Cuban plates are very, very rare on Ebay.

Be very careful if bidding on a Cuban plate and be absolutely 100% certain it is genuine. Check the online photo sites, check the fake Cuban plates on this website, check with RPWO!