259a-more Polish made fakes2 259a-more Polish made fakes2

These are more Polish made fakes that have appeared on the Polish auction site allegro.pl in February 2013.
The left hand column are all from seller shellby83.
The right hand column is 2 from babcia Teresa and 2 from sebmar2.

The problem with these is that it is always possible that one of the crooked dealers on Ebay could end up with them and try to sell them on as the real thing.

You need to check before you buy unused (mint) looking plates as there are so many fakes and fakers on various auction sites. Nearly all non-USA mint plates are not genuine as the countries that have officially issued plates do not give out unused plates. A few plates may be correct in every way but most are just scrap aluminium really.
Check with the big website photo archives if they are correct, ask to see a photo of the back of the plate, check on the plate forums with other collectors.