252-Ebay na201 fake Thailand university plates

Ebay seller na201 from Pattaya in Thailand is selling these and many, many other fakes. Plates in Thailand are owner provided and shops in every town will sell you whatever you want.
These are just a few of his fake plates. These are claimed to be University plates but they are not vehicle licence plates at all.
To quote a man in Thailand who does know what real plates are, “These plates are not license plates they just have them made to congratulate their friends on graduation occasions. They bear the name of college, the 2 letters mean „graduated in“ then 4 numbers are the year (Buddhist). This year is 2555 = 2012.”
On most of these plates they have the letters for ‘graduated in’ and the names of various universities below the supposed registration although 89 has Gabriel below that is no doubt the graduate’s name.

Most of these are from Ebayer na201 in Thailand but some are from subious in Belgium and jojovaluebusiness in Thailand

Remember, do not buy mint Thai plates unless you are an expert on the colours, class letters and use of these plates.