246-Ebay www devotionalia com fake Dominican Republic plates

In August 2012 Ebay seller www_devotionalia_com from Germany has been trying to sell these two Dominican Republic plates as a diplomatic (top) and an International Organizations (bottom). He wants a ridiculous amount of money for them and the problem is that they are not the real thing at all.
Once upon a time they were both genuine plates BUT they have been painted over with ‘pretty’ designs for sale to tourists, no doubt at about 10 USD each. Genuine Dominican Republic plates are very, very different designs.
Both plates are from the former series with the top one being an official plate that seems to be for the director of the National Meteorological Institute while the lower plate is indeed for International Organizations. 
Who knows whether the tacky tourist paint would clean off or if indeed the original paint is still there underneath but either way, they are a couple of over-priced, ruined, genuine plates.