230-Chinese plate manufacturers 2

The Yiwu Fuwong Traffic Signs Co. Ltd. in China are a normal licence plate manufacturing company. The plates in this picture are some of the plates they make and sell around the world. I presume some of the designs are failed designs that the company did not get the contract to manufacture but I am sure many of them are genuine in that the company is making plates for that country. Some are very similar to German products and have all the same features – security printing, security etching, holograms, etc.
The company seems to have bought or is renamed from the Cangnan Josheng Labels Co. Ltd. who, according to their website, make plates for “Jordan, Curacao, Israel, Zanzibar, Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius etc.” and may also be associated with the Shanghai Fa Yu Industrial Co. Ltd. (aka Cangnan Riwong Craft Logo Co. Ltd.). If you check these companies’ websites, they each have many of the same plates on these photos but there are others also that I have not included.

Unfortunately, there is an address in Bellvue, Colorado, USA from where small numbers of these plates can be bought.
Unlike the fake US plates in a previous photo that all have the same number on every plate of a particular design, I believe these Chinese copies/samples have different numbers on each of them.

Since the Chinese are now becoming major plate manufacturers and suppliers for countries all over the world and their plates are available to purchase from the factory, it is more important than ever that you avoid buying or trading mint plates as there is every chance they have come straight from China nowadays.